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By investing in this online program you can:

  • Reduce your family conflict, manage intense emotions and protect your children from your separation or divorce;
  • Reach a better co-parenting arrangement sooner & by a less adversarial pathway;
  • Access clear, concise, easy to understand Australian content;
  • Experience a premium online experience for 6 weeks, 24/7 on any device;
  • Gain at least 8 hours of specialised psychological intervention specifically targeted to high-conflict parenting interactions;
  • Access to over 55 individual lessons, over 50 coaching videos, 25 interactive activities, 8 worksheets and more;
  • Obtain certification that can be used in your Family Court matter;
  • Enrol in the online program by itself, or combine it with face to face psychological support.

Our program has now been split into 2 separate enrolments, allowing you to get started for only $69. Both enrolments will need to be completed in full to receive your Certificate of Completion. You will not be able to start the second half (Part 4-6) until you have completed the first half (Part 1-3).

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