Worried About Child Abuse?

Abuse, in relation to a child, means:

  1. an assault, including a sexual assault, of the child; or 
  2. a person (the first person) involving the child in a sexual activity with the first person or another person in which the child is used, directly or indirectly, as a sexual object by the first person or the other person, and where there is an unequal power in the relationship between the child and the first person; or 
  3. causing the child to suffer serious psychological harm, including (but not limited to) when that harm is caused by the child being subjected to, or exposed to, family violence; or 
  4. serious neglect of the child.

If you think your child has been exposed to child abuse, please contact your legal representative or child protection authority in your local area, city or region.

Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect

New South Wales (NSW)

Ph: 132 111

Web site

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Ph: 1300 556 729

Web site

Northern Territory (NT)

Ph: 1800 700 250

Web site

Queensland (QLD)

Ph: 1800 811 810 (Business hours)

Ph: 1800 177 135 or (07) 3235 999 (After hours/Weekends)

Web site

South Australia (SA)

Ph: 131 478

Web site

Tasmania (TAS)

Ph: 1300 737 639

Web site

Victoria (VIC)

Ph: 131 278

Web site

Western Australia (WA)

WA Police Child Abuse Investigation Unit – Ph: 08 9492 5444

Crime Stopers – Ph: 1800 333 000

Web site