Mini Program

The Mini Program provides you with the chance to view a compilation of parts of the full Relationspace Online Program for FREE.

High conflict divorce and separation has a heavy toll on parents and children. It can be draining, both financially and emotionally. Without proper support and guidance, families and parents can fall apart, leaving children and parents suffering from long term psychological damage.

Specialised support can be expensive and difficult to access. There are often delays and long waiting lists to get an appointment. RelationSpace Online provides an immediate, personal and interactive experience specifically designed for parents going through a high conflict separation. Unlike face-to-face programs, RelationSpace Online allows you to work in privacy on your phone, tablet, or computer, at your own pace.

Our Mini Program includes videos giving you actionable and useful assistance. Find answers to questions suchs as

  • How do I tell my children about my separation?
  • How can I help my child adjust to the big changes in our family?
  • What strategies are there for dealing with an ex-partner who seems intent on making things as hard as possible?

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